Read the most commonly asked questions our clients have

Who is Dr Motilall?

Dr Karen Motilall is a Specialist Radiation Oncologist in Johannesburg, South Africa, with extensive medical experience. She is particularly interested in the holistic care of cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy.

What does a Radiation Oncologist do?

You'll be under the care of radiation oncologists for the duration of your radiation therapy sessions. These doctors create your treatment plan, write the prescriptions, and ensure that you receive the correct doses at the correct times.

Will your medical aid cover all procedures?

This will depend on the coverage for oncological and radiation procedures provided by your health insurance. Please visit the corresponding pages via the links below for more details on our healthcare providers.

What medical aids do we accept?

We are contracted to most medical aids and are contracted with both the SAOC and ICON Oncology networks. Please contact us to directly if you have any concerns.

Is a referral necessary?

We accept all patients with or without a referral from another doctor.

How do you prepare for an appointment?

We encourage you to bring along any referral note you may have, any results (biopsies, surgery, radiological investigations) you have as well as a list of any medications your are currently taking or allergic to.

What services does Dr Motilall offer?

The treatments that Dr Motilall offers include:

  • List ImageBrachytherapy
  • List ImageExternal Beam Radiation
  • List ImageGamma Knife
  • List ImageIntra-Operative Breast Radiation
  • List ImageSystemic Radiation

The types of cancers that Dr Motilall treats include:

  • List ImageBone Oncology
  • List ImageBreast Cancer
  • List ImageDermatological
  • List ImageGastrointestinal Oncology
  • List ImageGenitourinary Oncology
  • List ImageGynaecology
  • List ImageHead and Neck Oncology
  • List ImageMusculoskeletal Oncology
  • List ImageMusculoskeletal Oncology
  • List ImageThoracic Oncology